Coiffure Urbaine by Guy Roy

Loving my new hair color by Helen! As a true brunette (Shh!) my blond locks have never looked so good and felt so good. You must check out this new chic salon in Laval. 3250 Curee Labelle, Laval. Tel: 450 680 3333.

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My Hot New Mima Double Stroller

With the arrival of baby number 2, a horizontal double stroller seemed a bit cumbersome for little me to be gadding about with. I found an amazing vertical double stroller! Mima is a European brand, new to Canada, that is gorgeous looking and very practical. George, my oldest child sits in the top seat and underneath I have bassinette attached that can be replaced by a seat when the time comes. Check it out at Trendy Strollers in Montreal or go to

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Barbarella Spa for a great Spray Tan!

I love my Barbarella spray tan! The solution is an organic, oil-free, alcohol-free & fragrance-free sunless tanning solution. There is absolutely no haze while you are being sprayed and no smell! It is completely free of parabens and is all-natural. To see the ingredients go to The tan is sprayed by a technician & takes just 5 minutes. You can choose 'The 90 minute until you shower tan' or 'The 8 hours before you shower tan,' great options and the tan still develops! I just love the color it produces, no streaking, it's an even glow and you can decide how dark you want to go. It lasts on me 10 days with moisturizing and guess who wears the same spray tan ? The Kardashians! If you have any questions email me!
Barbarella Spa is located in the Plateau, a very laid back environment, at 2063 Saint-Denis, H2X 3K8, Tel: 514 266 2277 for an appointment.

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Bella Clinique for the perfect complexion!

We all desire that flawless skin only the A List Celebrities seem to strut down the red carpet or display in magazines. Well I have found the secret & the best part is you can get the facial treatments here in Montreal by Jennifer Brodeur, who actually performs the treatments personally to the stars in Los Angeles. The Max Plus LED Machine, created by Jennifer, gives amazing results which are safe, non invasive & with no risk of hyperpigmentation. It treats skin rejuvenation, acne, gets rid of age spots & sun damage, significantly tones and tightens, boosts collagen production, minimizes lines and wrinkles and basically gives you that porcelain looking perfect complexion. After a series of 6, skin keeps getting better up to 9 months afterwards. I go for the treatments regularly, love the results and see why her clients are Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Anniston to name a few! My friends are in awe of my complexion!

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Trendy Strollers

So as time crept up I started doing my research on baby furniture & strollers. The best place I found was Trendy Strollers, where their selection, knowledge and level of customer service was by far the best I had found in and around Montreal. I chose a lovely Mamas and Papas Mylo pram and stroller which was lightweight when lifting it, easily convertible from pram to stroller, light to push and looks plush!
Trendy Strollers also has a fabulous selection of gorgeous baby furniture. I ordered a stunning Young America crib in french antique white and a matching dresser with changing table. I also invested in an Essentia Baby Jeanius Mattress, made from organic denim and topped with a natural memory foam for a comfortable and healthy sleep surface. When you are a first time mum and have no idea where to buy, allow me to have done the running around and research for you ... visit Trendy Strollers .... 4050 Jean Talon Street West, Montreal, Tel: (514) 807 4906

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Spa Orazio, Centropolis Laval

As a true brunette (Sshhh!) to be able to maintain my blond locks means you have to find yourself a great colorist that understands the color blond you want aswell as making sure the quality of your hair remains in excellent condition. My colorist is Nathalie de Silva at Spa Orazio Centropolis Laval, she knows I love that californian baby blond look but also is aware that I need to keep the quality of my hair in top notch condition!! Its a stunning spa, for all services offered go to

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21st Century Food

The best Montreal Meal Delivery Service! I love it! I go online and select my meals for the following week from I order from their Weightloss Menu as i love their healthy choices, its a great accompaniament to my workout schedule and an excellent way to curb portion control. Once I order for the week I dont have to worry about meals for the week! I receive the food fresh every morning, its unbelievably convenient! I also find it very economical and have reduced the amount I spend and waste on groceries. I still love to cook, but 21st Century Food is a fantastic help during the week when I get up so early to be on air. I just grab the cooler bag and head off to the radio station and inside are my 3 meals for the day. I love their protein enriched breakfasts, tasty salads and the lunch and dinners are creative and very nutritious, they also offer healthy snacks. Just go and check out you will get hungry just reading their menus! 

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Avanti Spa Salon for a glam blow dry!

For a big occasion, filming for television or hosting an event, I always make an appointment at Avanti Le Spa to get my hair blow dried. I love the customer service I get and the amazing up-to-date styling techniques the hair technicians have. Whether I'm adding in extensions for a photo shoot during my blow dry or asking them to copy a hair style from a magazine, I always leave with great results. Its also super convenient that I get my make up done by Annie Young Cosmetics, based inside Avanti Le Spa too! So by the time I leave I'm camera ready for anything!

For the complete glam celebrity style look Avanti Le Spa is one of Montreal's landmarks! For more info go to or telephone 514 739 2575. They are located at 6775 Decarie Boulevard, Montreal, Quebec, and have valet parking too!!

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Annie Young Cosmetics

One of my favourite places to get my make up done for a big event, photo shoot or filming is at Annie Young Cosmetics! You want glam, you want to make an entrance... their team of makeup artists are phenomenal, Jenny Volovnik is an outstanding makeup artist and I am so glad to have found her! Jenny Volovnik is one of Montreal's gemstones! For more info go to

I love their fake lashes and lash extensions!! That whole 'Kim Kardashian' look rocks and Annie Young Cosmetics can make it happen, whether they apply lash extensions and/or stuck on lashes, its a lush look I wear everyday... my lashes rock and they are with me everyday on air!

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The Best Spray Tan is at Spa St James!

It is known by many that I am queen of the spray tan! I have tried so many... at home and at spa's throughout the world! If you are ever in Las Vegas pop into Ceasers Hotel Qua Baths & Spa and get a "ten second tan", a state-of-the-art spray, containing anti-aging ingredients, minerals, nutrients and vitamins, it looks stunning! Closer to home Spa St James is the best place in Montreal to get all tanned and glam ready! Maria is an amazing esthetician and applies the tan with precision. For more info go to


Orla's Tips For The Perfect Fake Tan

Always exfoliate your whole body very well with an exfoliating mit and some soap the morning of your tan. Just before the tan is applied at the spa put some vitamin E cream on your knee caps, elbows, feet & hands (especially!). If you have a blemish or mark that has absorbed too much of the tan, once the tan has been apllied take a cutip, dip it into some eyemakeup remover and carefully swivel the cutip on the blemish and reduce the color. A bit of mac coverup matching the color of the tan also helps the day after. Wearing loose fitting clothes is key after the tan is applied! Wait till the following morning to shower and always moisturise with cream mixed with a drop of Johnsons aloe vera gel oil! The tan will last you a good week.

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Quick Blowdry Downtown Montreal ...

Salon Spa St James is a gem on Crescent Street, Montreal, I love popping in for a blowdry and feeling a million bucks when I walk out, ready to hit up whatever Montreal has to offer! For more info go to